Saturday, June 29, 2013

Crazy Loon Saloon, Coon Rapids MN

My wife and I decided to give this place a shot as we were looking for somewhere we hadn’t been yet. The CLS is in the former The Paddy Wagon Irish Pub building. From the outside the building looks inviting and well kept. Inside it has a great layout. A dining room, a side room for larger get together, an upstairs banquet room and also a bar. CLS also has a patio outside next to a small pond for perching outside and enjoying some sun as you eat or drink. They also have live entertainment but I am not sure how often.

The staff attended to us as soon as we walked in and took us to a table. They have a decent selection of beers and a full bar. Looking over the menu they have a large selection to choose from. We settled on the diablo burger and the ribs. The Diablo was an 8 ounce burger with 3 cheeses and chipotle mayo.  The burger its self was a factory pressed meat puck. It was tender but not much flavor. It only came with 2 of the 3 cheeses advertized, no chipotle mayo and a few strands of raw onions. Over all the burger did not stand up to its name. With a name like the Diablo it should light a fire under your butt and have you reaching for your beer. A better name for the burger would be Mickey Mouse. Tater tots were ordered as the side was good as tots can be. They were crispy on the outside and hot and soft in the center. Over the entire burgers grade is a C at best.

The ribs were a total disappointment. When the plate hit the table I knew I was in trouble. 2 half slabs of ribs covered in a dark slathering sauce with 2 bowls for the sides were on the plate. I pushed my fork into the meat and knew I would need a steak knife to saw through the meat between the bones. They are a cheaper rib little meat between the bones and the tips of cartilage on the ends yet. It does taste like they smoke them themselves but they are tough to chew. The sauce was a store bought out of the bottle kind with a smoky flavor to it. The sides were slaw and garlic mashed. I didn’t try the slaw as I don’t like it to begin with. When I ordered I asked if the garlic mashed were made there or out of a bag. I was told that they were made on site. When I looked at them they are the same red skin garlic mashed everyone seems to use. When I did taste them they weren’t bad. I think they may doctor them up a little after taken out of the bag. Overall grade of the ribs is a D-.

We will go back for a 2nd try and have something different. They have pizza on the menu so I am curious to see what it is like. Will keep you posted.